For lift shafts, duct walls and stair spline walls, Speedwall offers significant advantages over traditional construction.

Because it can be installed from one side only, there is no requirement to construct scaffolding inside the shaft, greatly reducing construction time and costs.

Unlike traditional systems, Speedwall® can be installed before the structure is watertight and also helps prevent water from entering the building through open shafts.

Speedwall Lift Shafts & Ducts Systems are favoured over other solutions as they can be built from one side only, pressurised and include multiple self-supporting walls within open cores.

The Speedwall Lift Shafts & Ducts Systems only require a small footprint, but provide superior acoustics and exceptional security.

Bring impact resistant means that multiple trades can work in the same area without concern, with the panels taking multiple knocks without damage. No timber framing or plasterboard required.